Wednesday, April 30, 2014

trusting implicitly. believing absolutely. daring greatly.

We have an amazing opportunity. The restaurant has a chance to tether to a highly anticipated, nationally known yet locally owned restaurant in what was a gross abomination of a space. The original 15,000 square foot facility has been divided into four spaces to be occupied by four locally owned and operated businesses: one spa, one coffeespace, and two restaurants. We have been selected by the landlord and owner of the anchor restaurant to occupy the second restaurant space. He is someone we trust and respect greatly. There are a number of reasons for us to jump on this as well as many for which we should not. The space is immediately and preemptively familiar - to us and to the general public. It is physically accessible and has ample parking for all involved. There will be automatic exposure due to the high profile that the anchor and the ownership team have around the country. It is near several major shopping areas in a desirable area of a fast-growing sprawl of the city. In recent years, there have been several other nationally-recognized, local chains that have expanded their businesses in the area with great success. It is financially reasonable and comes with incentives that would make the whole process slightly more affordable.

My partner is scared. He is not familiar with the area and doesn't trust that it will see the same resurgence of growth that the rest of the city has seen. He can not see that it is truly one of the last untapped areas of town that has grown exponentially over the last several years. Ultimately, it seems as though he does not trust himself. Does not trust me. Does not believe in our ability to produce an extraordinary successful concept. He wants to get advice from numerous people that have all responded with the same divide that he is feeling. He is waiting for someone to tell him that this location, this concept, this opportunity is too good to pass up. That will never happen and it shouldn't. Opening a business should be scary. But decisions have to be made by the operators. I am not sure that he is ready to take on this kind of endeavor and that makes me very sad. I am really looking forward to partnering with him and hope that he gains the confidence he needs to move forward with me.

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