Wednesday, January 10, 2007

a brief history - 2006

2006 started out calming down a crying friend, watching the desperation of a drunk woman without insurance try to spin her tire-free wheels free from the mess she had gotten herself into and cleaning red wine out of carpet.  Ah, yes.  New Year’s is always fun! 
January led me to New York where I instantly fell in love.  The city has a magic about it… from the tall buildings that speak volumes of history to the shimmering, sparkling sidewalks that do the same.  The trip started out with rainy mornings that turned sunny and warm to ending with several days of ice, sleet and snow!  I feel so fortunate to have gone with the absolute best travel companion in the world… there is no way I would have been able to experience half of what I did without her!  I loved every exhausting second of my journey there and can not wait for my return. 
February left me playing in more snow than I have ever lain eyes on in temperatures dipping well below extreme!  38 degrees below zero… isn’t that arctic or something?  Or something, I guess.  I learned to snowboard, taught someone to play poker and met tons of cats way cooler than me along the way. 
In March, my world changed drastically again… as it has a few times in the past year or two… when I moved into my apartment to live by myself for the first time in my adult life and got transferred from my job in the same week.  The latter of these two events put me on a very contemplative journey about where exactly I was headed and made me realize that it was not where I wanted to go… I made the decision to make another drastic change… one that was over seven years in the making. 
April led me to several new friendships, some of which I would like to keep for a long time.  I ended up breaking a lawnchair (that I would rather not discuss ;) ), drinking a lot and working less than I had in years. 
In May, I got a huge compliment from a former coworker, that has since moved on to celebrity status, by way of recommendation… I believe it was for the position of a ninja.  J   I finished up my tenure with my former employer and left without, not surprisingly, so much as a, “see ya,” and moved on my way.  
In June, I started my new gig with my new companion, John Walsh Walsh.  We had a lot of work to do but had a great time knocking it out.  It was an uphill battle for me from day one at the new digs but, it is really starting to level out and become a little easier.  It helps tremendously that I have some great people backing me up and being their fantabulous selves… making me seem not only not all bad but, maybe even kind of okay! 
July brought Tony along with his tons and tons of rain.  I like Tony.  I don’t like the rain as much.  And neither do the Fourth of July fireworks.  Booo.  I spent some time with a funny man and his dancing queen until way too late one morning and was so happy to see someone that I care so much about so deeply in love.  It really is a beautiful thing to witness.  I swear it wasn’t me that stole the corn!! 
August was supposed to bring another trip north to the windy city and the land of music at Lollapalooza.  Recent changes in personal finance just would not allow it.  Instead, Pio and I went to Port Isabel and spent a few days meeting and playing with his extended friends and family.  We had a blast even if Manu Chao, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gnarls Barkley, Kanye West, Nickel Creek and countless other phenomenal musicians weren’t around.  That just means the line-up will be better when I am able to make it! 
I spent the better part of my birthday month partying as the Bistro’s opening date got closer and closer.  All the cool kids’ birthdays are in September… Seth, Rach, Ryan, Jerry, Jerry, me… so, I had a lot of good nights and great conversations during these 30 days.  Virgos rule.  I learned a new game that I love that almost forces me to stay true to me… 7 things.  We should play some time. 
Halloween for me this year was spent with the same person as last year but proved to be much calmer… I guess that just makes the memories that much better!  I was the green fairy in October and spent Halloween in a pretty chill mode with Miss.Cutie.Hotpants and her pistol and her recently imported friend Ally.  Ally reminds me of Frieda Khalo and that makes me happy. 
November left me visually impaired by a plant that had had enough.  It fought me and won.  I had no idea that tropical plants could be a.) so aggressive and b.) so mean.  Now I know.  
December brought a furious mix of emotion.  I got to witness a brilliant talent, the lovely Miss Suzanna Choffel, release her CD to a hungry and eager audience.  Her gift of music is an amazing inspiration and I can’t wait to see her exceed her dreams. 
I saw, perhaps for the first time, that youth is fleeting and escaping the family that I have always known.  I found out for sure that my brother is having a baby with one of my best friends.  I found out that my mother is now battling an extreme case of breast cancer.  I found out how important past relationships can be in times of need and what it is to be loved.  I found out, again, how much it hurts to be disappointed by the one you love.  I found out, again, how good it feels to be lifted up by the one you love.  2006 has been a hard run and I am confident that 2007 will bring new challenges, new heartaches and new growth.  I end 2006 with new hope, with new love, with new ambitions and with new goals.         

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